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- Commentaire [1] -

On en sait un peu plus sur l'avancement du prochain album:

Here's a little update on the new album. We've finished the drumrecordings and we can only say that Ariën is one of the most talented drummers in the world. We are very happy to have him on the new album! At the moment Ad is finishing his guitars, Yves is recording his bass, Mark is recording his grunts and next week Simone will start with her vocal recordings. So as you can see the recordings are in full process. We are really happy with the new material, this is definitely going to be our most heavy album by far! We can't wait to be playing these songs live for you guys! We have uploaded some pictures of the studio in the photo gallery. Also we're going to give a more detailed studio report on our forum so go and check it out!!

Voici le lien vers les photos
- guill647 -
AAaaaarrrgggh génial !
A l'évidence l'un des albums que j'attends le plus cette année...

Le 19 Janvier 2007

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