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- Commentaire [1] -

Cellador le groupe de speed mélodique américain vient de se séparer du bassiste Valentin Rakhmanov:

"It's always a difficult thing when band members go separate ways, but all parties involved in the decision agreed that it would work out best for everyone if the separation occurred. The issues involved in reaching this conclusion were not personal related, but rather simply musical differences and contrasting professional agendas. Outside of the professional sphere of the band the members and past members of Cellador still maintain good standing friendships and so to summarize, its nothing personal. The band wishes Val the best of luck with his future musical endeavors and has little doubt that he won't be back on his feet soon."

Cependant le groupe n'annule aucun concert mais ils sont à la recherche d'un nouveau bassiste. Le groupe commence les auditions et voilà les impératifs:

- Aged 18-25 years old
- Touring and studio experience
- Professional attitude
- DEVOUT and passionate commitment to music and the band
- Clips of yourself playing... even better to Cellador's music
- Relocation to where the band lives, that or being able to commute to all things Cellador-related .

Si interressé adressez un message à avec "Bassist" en sujet.
- TeRyX -
un en moins et de un, manque plus que les autres :D

Le 22 Janvier 2007

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