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..:: 31 Octobre 2014 ::..
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Les suédois d'In Flames sont au boulot ! Ils sont en effet en train d'enregistrer de nouvelles chansons. Voici ce que leur webmaster a posté :

A couple of days ago Björn called me and said that In Flames are in the studio and recording three new demo songs. The plan is to do the whole pre production on their own.

Yesterday Daniel finalised the last song on the drums and right now Björn and Jesper is recording the guitars.

There is big excitement in the band right now, they are back in their own studio (IF studios) for the pre production and eventually recording the next record. Next, the festival in Dubai, witch is unbroken territory for In Flames. Then get back on the road to do the Norway/Sweden tour.

Be sure to keep an eye on the band photo section of the site. It will be updated frequently during the next couple of days.

- Seb -
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