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- Commentaires [5] -

Rhapsody of Fire vient de dévoiler le nom du remplaçant de Luca Turilli au sein du groupe. Il s'agit de Roberto De Micheli.

Voici le communiqué publié sur le site :
"The band Rhapsody Of Fire proudly announces the name of the 2nd guitar player who will join them on stage: Italian guitar player Roberto De Micheli.

After weeks of considering whom among thousands of guitar players would be chosen to join the band on their upcoming world tour, Rhapsody Of Fire had finally selected the very best guitarist out of many great guitar players wanting to tour with them.

Alex Staropoli says: “With so many very good guitar players to chose from, it took time and great care to find the absolute best guitar player for us. In the end, we decided on Roberto De Micheli due to his complete mastery of the guitar, his unique abilities to amaze all those who hear and watch him play live, and his complete dedication as a musician. I have known Roberto De Micheli since the early 1990's. The decision to finally chose him over all other guitarists in the world to play with us became very obvious and natural the more we considered all our options. After so many years, he is still highly devoted to his instrument. He remains passionate and enthusiastic about rehearsing and playing music many hours every day. He is also a perfect fit for Rhapsody Of Fire because he continues the band’s tradition of being a truly professional, polite and a positive person to work with. Roberto De Micheli and Tom Hess are already working together on their guitar parts for the upcoming Rhapsody Of Fire tour, that's just very exciting! The huge anticipation of the band’s new lineup, sound and upcoming world tour has been something much greater and more exciting than we have ever experienced before from fans all over the world.”

Stay tuned for more information coming soon."

- Loregard -
Style : Power metal symphonique
Site officiel
Team Heavylaw
Inconnu au bataillon ! Si ce n'est qu'il est (ou a été) guitariste au sein de Sinestesia. Wait and see...

Le 27 Septembre 2011

Team Heavylaw
Choix surprenant mais de toute façon, le prochain album sera attendu de chez attendu!

Le 27 Septembre 2011

en meme temps Rhapsody (of Fire ou pas) sans Turilli ..... et bien c'est plus Rhapsody pour moi

De toute façon dès le 3ème album, j'ai décroché.

Vive les 2 premiers !!!

Le 27 Septembre 2011

Pourquoi je suis pas allé à la dernière tournée ? POURQUOIIIIII ?

Le 28 Septembre 2011

Je me pose la meme question...x)

Le 29 Septembre 2011

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