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- Commentaire [1] -

Les portugais décident de se séparer pour "divergences musicales"...


ThanatoSchizO call it a day

Fourteen years of commitment, a lot of work and dedication prove that we were able to keep at bay the geographical handicap and that people believed we weren’t a mere band. However, there comes a time when the greatest change has to occur, in order to evolve even more. This is the time for TSO’s members to fly elsewhere and find other projects.

To all of you who have supported us throughout our career, our most sincere gratitude.

TSO’s official site, facebook, myspace and other channels will continue to be updated with reviews to our latest album and the merchandise section will still be active.
- Bonobo_666 -
Style : Heavy / Thrash Prog
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Bref en un mot, ils ont perdu la boule ;)

Le 29 Septembre 2011

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