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- Commentaires [4] -

Le guitariste Giovanni Santini et le chanteur Dario Grillo quittent le groupe. Giovanni Santini est remplacé par Simone Campione.

After 8 years with Thy Majestie, 3 recorded cd’s, much sacrifice and time together Giovanni Santini left the band. We won’t explain his reasons, though if he would like he could reply by sending us an e-mail that will be shown in this site. We are sorry for that and we wish Giovanni all the best. Thank you Giovanni.

In his place Simone Campione, a very good guitarist from Palermo is to perform at our gigs in Holland and he’s also going to record the next Thy Majestie album. He’s giving us a hand in this dire straits and if he likes he can be a stable element of the band.

We unfortunately made a mistake…about what? (someone might wonder). It was a mistake to believe that with Dario Grillo the things might have run easily. We already got it 4 years ago when there was some communication problem. And so it was After a hard struggle to make his mind up about our gigs in Holland we decided to leave him with his troubles that may have thwarted the smooth running of our work. Good luck to Dario. This time we’re sure we won’t get any relationship anymore.

Well, who’s gonna sing with Thy Majestie in The Netherlands and in Modica? And the new album? Don’t worry we’ve got some interesting stuff and we’ll show you it up soon.

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- guill647 -
Team Heavylaw
Il ne s'agit pas d'un poisson d'Avril cette fois...

Le 15 Avril 2007

Bon cette fois c'est mort de chez mort...

Le 15 Avril 2007


Le 15 Avril 2007

Je vais quand même demander à Dario qui m'a dit il y a à peine deux semaines que c'était pas vrai....
En tout cas, si un des autres compositeurs se barre...le groupe est definitivement mort à mes yeux :)

Le 15 Avril 2007

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