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Le groupe (enfin ce qu'il en reste) travail sur un nouvel album, et est à la recherche de nouveaux membres (guitaristes, et pianiste). On remarquera que Diana Bovio, la deuxième chanteuse n'est pas citée à la fin.

Hi everyone!
A lot has happened since our last newsfact. Currently we're extremely busy writing new material and we are happy to inform you that within a few weeks we've already gathered more than enough material for about half an album. What's always been special about SoP is the intercontinental webbased writing process, which we now again are using with success.
From Mexico Marcela has been writing and recording a lot of melody lines and music, which she then sends to Holland where Davy and Johan contribute their parts.
The overall feel of the new music is heavy, inspirational and still the recognizable SoP twist and we are very excited about it!

Of course we're also really busy with looking for new musicians and already have a lot of options for the new guitarplayer(s) and a keyboardplayer. During next month we will be having the first try outs.
If you're interested and have the skills and experience, send us your cv including music/video/photo's via this mail: (replace AT with a @)

We will be back in short notice with more and exciting news, so stay tuned and be ready to embrace the new storm!

Marcela, Davy and Johan
- dark painkiller -
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