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..:: 19 Octobre 2014 ::..
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Grosse news concernant le groupe de power folk Elvenking qui nous en dit plus sur ce nouvel album. L'enregistrement débutera en Novembre pour un sortie éventuelle en séptembre 2007. L'album sera lui aussi produit par Nino Laurenne au Sonic Pump Studio.
Bref la flemme de tout vous traduire, mais ils annoncent encore un renouveau musical encore plus epic et plus heavy que Winter's Wake.
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NEW ALBUM First Details Revealed! After the successful release of "The Winter Wake" album and after having toured Europe supporting Jon Oliva's Pain, the mastermind of the legendary Savatage, ELVENKING are ready to enter the studios to start the production of their widely awaited fourth album. In November the band will enter Gernhart studios in Germany to start recording the drums, before returning to Italy and shutting themselves up in the Sherpa studios (where “The Winter Wake” was recorded) to complete all the rest of the recording. Top producer Nino Laurenne of the Finnish Sonic Pump studios will be in Italy to set some sounds together with the band and supervise the production. The final Mix will be handled once again by Laurenne himself in his homeland, Finland, at Sonic Pump. The final touch will be added by Mika Jussila's mastering at Finnvox. "We expect to have the album ready sometime in Spring 2007, but we think that an early Autumn release can be expected, because of normal promotion times" says the band.

The cover artwork will be done by Gyula Havancsak, the same artist who took care of the marvellous "The Winter Wake" layout.

As for the musical direction of the album it seems that surprises can be expected once again. Singer Damnagoras describes the new music as "...straight, heavy, melodic and still epic". Guitarist Aydan comments: "As usual our new album will be pretty different from all our previous works. It's something vital for us, we cannot copy ourselves, what we have done in the past is still there and we need to look ahead. The new material is simply thrilling us out, we can’t wait to put it on cd!"

The lyrics of the album will be based on a general concept, which has not been revealed yet, but according to the band “it's gonna be the most challenging thing we've ever done lyrically”.

More interesting news to follow soon. The last live gigs before starting the recordings are:

October 27th, Velvet Rock Club, Gias di Aviano (PN), Italy (+Tystnaden)November 4th, Ragnarock festival, Perth, Scotland (w/ Gamma Ray, Doro, Dream Evil, …)
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