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image Le groupe Thunderstone enregistre actuellement leur nouvel album. Outre les détails techniques, Nino rapporte que l'album comportera 11 titres + 2 covers songs, dont l'une d'entre elle serait très surprenante...

"Well, here we are: starting the sessions for Thunderstone's fourth album. And like before, at this point there's no pressure at all, so the atmosphere and the feeling overall is almost bursting through the roof, which is, btw four meters high in the new Sonic Pump Studios! One thing that makes me very enthusiastic to start the recordings is that I've been working over a year in my new studio with several other bands and I know that the place is perfect for music production.

So everything seems to be just far:-)

Saturday morning we started to build up the mics around Mirka's drum kit. This time I wanted to hire a professional engineer to record the drums because I wanted to concentrate 110% on producing. And the perfect guy for this job was Jesse Vainio, who actually is more known for making albums with gold/platinum selling mainstream artists in Finland. Since Mirka was working at his day job until 3pm, we started to set up the sounds etc etc. It took around three hours and the whole kit was miked and the overall sound was ok. And of course the final tuning had to happen with Mirka, since he hits like 1000 times harder than me:-))

Also one major thing that we did differently this time is that we used a 16 track 2 inch analog tape recorder. There IS something magical with the analog sound.

Mainly the whole drum session went pretty easily and we were having a great time. The drum sound is probably the best I've ever recorded so far, so I'm really happy and anxious to start play guitars next. We recorded 11 songs + 2 cover songs that I am not going to tell what they are:-)) All I can say that the other one will be quite a surprise. Let's see what our label will say about that;-)

That's all for now. I will write again after the rhythm guitars and the bass are done."

- Duck -
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