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- Commentaire [1] -

Le nouvel album de Borknagar(Viking Metal) s'appellera Origin et devrait sortir en Europe le 30 Octobre chez Century Media/EMI. Cet album s'appuiera essentiellement sur une musique acoustique et atmosphérique.

Dear fans and associates,
The new Borknagar-album will be called “ORIGIN”, and is set to be released in Europe through Century Media/EMI on the 30th of October. A US release date has not yet been set.

Most of our fans will know by now that “Origin” is a purely acoustic album. A sheer and honest result of a vision that we have had for many years: To let the acoustic basis of our music out to thrive and grow throughout an entire album. Those who are familiar with our music know that it has always had a very organic feel to it, and therefore we have chosen to focus entirely on the atmospheric and acoustic aspects of the band this time around. We love the result and truly believe that it shows a character and a side of the Borknagar that you have never heard before - only sensed.

To accomplish the organic sound of the album, we have worked with several eminent musicians. Erik Tiwaz aka Tyr (bass) has spiced our album with his rumbling, low frequent wizardry, Sareeta (violin) and Thomas Nilsson (cello) have helped us to obtain the genuine wooden string sound that the album craved, and Norwegian flute-icon Steinar Ofsdal (flutes and recorders) has added mystic and enchanting atmospheres into the organic framework.

In good tradition, the cover and lay-out is once more courtesy of Asgeir Mickelson.

More information will follow shortly!
Best regards,

Øystein G. Brun

Site Officiel
- Dreamer -
Ce Vintersorg quand même trois albums en un an auxquel il participe: Waterclime, Cronian et maintenant Borknagar.

Le 11 Septembre 2006

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