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Duck: Ghost Machinery is unknown for French peoples and certainly in several countries. Can you describe the band ( Who? Where? How? When?)

Pete: Well, the idea of a another band came to me in spring 2002 because suddenly. I had couple of good songs that didn't " fit " the Burning Point profile and the other guys in the band we aren`t too impressed about those songs ..and I thought , what the hell I create another band. I really think that the songs were too good to be missed! I called up a couple of my friends Tapsa and Jussi and here we are!

Who are your main influences? Can you describe your music?

I really like so many different bands that its almost possible to mention just a few! I like that old school heavy metal but I really like this "new" power metal stuff too..as you probably can hear it in our music..I guess that our music is mixture of those two and maybe a little A.O.R influences here and there!

What does Ghost Machinery mean? Is this the reflection of your music?

Hmm, basically it doesn`t mean anything but maybe it can mean something that is haunting me through the years ( I mean those songs)..Ghost Machinery has been grinding in my head! : )

You are only three peoples in the band, are you looking for a new guy (for tour dates?)?

At this moment we are not looking for anybody but in the future?? Who knows?

Three samples from your first album are downloadable in your website, and this album seems to be good, can you say us more about it? (The Story, Special Guest Track List, Release day, Cover designer?)

Those samples in our website are only demo versions of the songs ( home recordings) but thanks anyway.. And as you know that we `re just in the middle of recording sessions I don`t have any spesific details about the cover or release date.About the quests.. I hope that the Sentenced vocalist Ville is singing with me the cover song "Out in the fields" by Gary Moore and one of my friend Mikko is playing the guitar parts in that particular song ( Mikko is also the guitarist of new rising band called Wildcard). We have recorded 14 songs but I don`t know yet how many we put on the album. Namely they are : Blinded Eyes, From The Edge Of The World, Soldiers Of The Damned, Evil Within Us, Dreamworld, Temples Of Gold, Heaven Or Hell, Down In Flames, World Of Unbelievers, Darkest Hour, Fallen Angels, Shadows, In Your Dreams and Out In The Fields

Was it difficult to sign a deal with Sound Riot Records? How did it happen?

No , it was not difficult at all because those guys at the Sound Riot are very easy to work with.. Basically it happened like always these things happen. I send our demo cd all over the world and there were couple of promising record labels that showed interest but in the end the reason why I chosed the Sound Riot was because they are very enthusiastic and generally very interested about the heavy metal music

When a new band releases his first album, peoples and journalists, compare them with a famous band. Are you afraid to be compared with these famous bands? Why?

No, not at all! bring it on man!. I`m looking forward it?.

Have you planned some tour dates? With which bands would you like to play?

The touring isn`t our primary subject right now but in the future..? who knows..? Probably I want to play with the bands that are in the same music genre that we are.

You're living in the biggest heavy metal country, do you think that the heavy metal music could be the main music in the almost countries of the world? Why is it so different with Finland?

This is the question that journalists ask me a lot and I don`t have any spesific answer?Maybe it has something to do with the weather conditions..?Winter time its very dark and cold here so we have to stay inside and practice our guitar playing because it keeps us warm : )

Do you know what is happening with Stratovarius? What do you think about it?

If you mean those changes in the line-up, what can I say? I guess it is a shame but life goes on? Stratovarius is one of the pioneers of the Finnish heavy metal, great band!

If you have something to say to all metal head of the world, what will you say?

Stay heavy and check out the Ghost Machinery`s debut cd next year!!! (and of course check the new Burning Point cd too !! )

It was the last question, I hope this is wasn?t boring. Thanks again to have accepted it. The Heavylaw staff and myself are waiting for your first album, and well give you our opinion about it.

Okay, dude thanks again for the interview, it was my pleasure. I hope that
you`re satisfied with these answers
Pete / Ghost Machinery

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